The Arts in Economic Development

It’s a well-known fact that culture and the arts have been used to stimulate the economy.  There are numerous creative and cultural industries that bring in money and move it around.  Like medicine, they’re both fields that have staying power.  People will always be interested in culture and history, and will always have a need to be creative and make new things.  This is why these are such integral parts of society and economics.  I recently came across an article that featured some industries in the historic and cultural fields, and how they help to keep the economy afloat, listed below:

Museum dinosaur bones

Galleries and Museums: Art galleries offer a home to fine art, as well as a place where people can come and view it.  They often run off of donations and sales, in the same way that museums do.  Art galleries offer an outlet for artists, and when a great piece of art sells, then that money tends to stay local with local artists, and spreads back around the community as they stock up on more supplies to create even more amazing pieces of art.

Film set crew

TV, Movies and Gaming: The TV and movie industries make money around the world, traveling to different places to shoot and hiring both big- and small-time actors.  They make money that might mostly go back home with them, although they still spend a lot in the communities where they shoot, for hotel rooms, meals and more.  Gaming is also an art form, and the gaming industry has recently spent some time in museums around the US, showing people the art that goes into creating video games.  Such things also help keep the economy stimulated, since both children and adults love video games.

performing arts ballet

Performing Arts: The performing arts can be anything from a professional ballet performance to a local community theater run by volunteers.  The performing arts allows performers to do their art and even make a living out of it, as provides those viewing it to learn a lesson about different cultures and arts, letting them travel into a different world.

Tourists in New York
Tourism: The tourism industry is a huge part of the cultural side of things, and one of the largest economic stimulators in a particular area.  It works to draw new people to an area, whether it’s visitors or new residents.  This can include creating art and cultural festivals, tournaments and man other exciting things to attract people from all walks of life and spend money.